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Snorkeling vs. Scuba Diving: What’s the Difference?

The main difference between scuba diving and snorkeling is your personal level of comfort. If you’re up for deep sea exploration, then scuba diving is certainly the route to go. However, if you’re just interested in some casual coral reef gazing or beach-side swimming, snorkeling can provide you with a simple yet still very exciting […]

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Caribbean Coral Identification: Different Types of Coral Reefs

There are many different types of coral in the beautiful waters surrounding Belize. Most scuba divers yearn to discover the wonders of Belize marine life and the best place to look is a coral reef. Belizean waters are known to have 65 coral species and more than 300 fish species — making it one of […]

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Best Restaurants in Caye Caulker to Visit After Scuba Diving

After a day of scuba diving in Belize, we recommend enjoying a delicious dinner at some of the best Caye Caulker restaurants. While there is no shortage of decadent Caribbean food in the region, we’re also quite fond of other cuisines as well. Tourists and scuba divers visiting the region often ask about which Caye […]

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Belize Marine Life: 10 Aquatic Animals to See While Diving in Belize

Belize marine life includes a plethora of animals, such as mammals, fish and coral. Belize is home to one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world with hundreds of different species. If you’re looking for an underwater adventure full of aquatic life, be sure to check out our scuba diving tour of Caye Caulker […]

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