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Has it been a while since your last dive? Not familiar with dive computers? If you need to review skills or equipment for any reason, Scuba Review is for you! We review equipment, regulator skills, mask skills, buoyancy skills, equalizing and emergency procedures. After this early morning review course, we get you on the boat and take you for a glorious day of diving at Turneffe Atoll. Because Turneffe has swimming-pool conditions, Belize Diving Services does all of our first and second dives for students here. Please note, if it has been more than 2 years since your last dive, we require you to do scuba review. Then you’ll be ready to get your fins behind you!

We start off the dive at the Belize Diving Services dock. The benefit of this location is you can stand up and ask the instructor or dive master questions and we are at the shop so we can address any gear concerns. At Turneffe Atoll, there are 10 miles of reef with a range of depths, from 20 ft. depth to as deep as you are qualified for. Along this magnificent stretch, you will see extraordinary corals, moray eels, and, hopefully, a squadron of Eagle Rays!

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My family had not been diving in 4 years so we did the 1.5 hour scuba review first thing in the morning and then two-tank dive right after. From the start, we felt very comfortable that we were in good hands. Our trip was at Turneffe Atoll and we had two beautiful dives there. Plus, they served the best dive lunch I have ever had. These guys are professionals and I highly recommend them.

-TripAdvisor Review, September 7, 2018, Warren C