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Dive Deeper and Longer

Rebreather diving is often the first step a diver takes after becoming TDI-certified. Closed-circuit rebreathers enhance your diving experience by allowing you to dive deeper, stay longer and get closer to marine life. Belize Diving Services offers the TDI Closed Circuit Rebreather (CCR) Air Diluent Diver Course, TDI Megalodon Air Diluent Decompression Diver, TDI Rebreather Cavern Diver, TDI Rebreather Intro to Cave. From megalodon rebreather training to TDI closed circuit, our courses take an in-depth look at scuba diving skills, including:

  • History and evolution of rebreather cave diving
  • Comparison of open circuit (OC), closed circuit, and semi-closed circuit, rebreather (SCR) systems noting the pros and cons of each
  • Practical mechanics of the system
  • Gas physiology
  • Proper scrubber packing: in accordance with manufacturers recommendation
  • Electronic or manual systems design and maintenance
  • Dive tables, dive computers, dive planning, dive checklists, pre-dive checks
  • Emergency procedures

TDI Rebreather Diving Resources

For more information on minimum rebreather diving course requirements, required skills and online training availability, please visit these TDI rebreather resources:

Meet Your Expert Instructor

Belize Diving Services’ owner, James “Chip” Petersen, is your instructor for rebreather cave diving. He has extensive experience diving deep profiles in his exploration of reefs, walls, caves and cenotes. He is an SDI/TDI instructor-trainer and received his ISC Megalodon Rebreather training by its innovative developer, Leon Scamahorn.

In Belize, Chip has spent six years exploring the depths of the Belize Barrier Reef, Turneffe Atoll, Lighthouse Atoll and the Bottom of the Great Blue Hole. With the permission of Belize’s Institute of Archeology, he has reopened Giant Cave, once again making it available for exploration. Learn about Chip and the best Caribbean diving destinations on our About page.

TDI Megalodon Rebreather Training

Belize Diving Services sells and trains divers to use ISC products, including the Meg 15. ISC is the only mixed-gas rebreather to be approved by the US Navy and NOAA, and it is CE qualified without an exemption. The Meg 15 represents a new generation of rebreathers that has taken technological advancements from various industries and utilized them to create a closed-circuit rebreather unit that is beyond compare. Belize Diving Services is happy to help you choose the Meg that suits your needs and work on a customized training program to help you realize your goals.

Register for our Rebreather Diving Course

All technical diving instruction must be arranged prior to your visit to Belize Diving Services. This preparation enables us to assess your skills and develop a custom technical diving package for you. For more information about rebreather cave diving, please get in touch via our contact form or send an email to We look forward to sharing our expert diving knowledge with you!