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Learn to Dive: SDI or PADI Open Water Certification Courses

Open Water Certification in the Beautiful Caribbean Sea

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Duration: 3 Days

PADI or SDI Open Water Certification

Learn to dive today with SDI or PADI open water certification classes. PADI or SDI diving courses provide you with the training necessary to become a certified scuba diver. Experience the best SDI or PADI training that Belize has to offer with Belize Diving Services’ expert instructors. Our certification courses will teach you everything you need to know to explore the spectacular wonders below the ocean’s surface. Learning in the beautiful waters of Belize is way more fun than in a pool!

Three-Day SDI or PADI Open Water Certification

All open water certification classes are offered through SDI or PADI. The open water course includes your eLearning (online) academics plus three days of in-water training. All rental equipment costs are included during your training with Belize Diving Services. Our SDI and PADI open water certification instructors are patient, experienced, friendly and professional.

SDI and PADI open water certification classes give you the training you need to dive anywhere in the world. The PADI and SDI diving courses progresses from shallow water (where you can stand easily) to 18 meters (60 ft.)


Three Steps to Scuba Dive Certification

  1. Before You Arrive: Why spend vacation indoors? Learn to dive today from the comfort of your home. It is important that you begin with the basics to stay safe while diving. Within 1 business day of receiving your booking confirmation, we will provide you with a code to sign up online for SDI certification training at to begin your Open Water SCUBA Diver course immediately. and begin your Open Water SCUBA Diver course immediately. If you want to do your PADI certification in Belize, or don’t understand the difference between the agencies, please email us at and we can help you make the decision that best suits you.
  2. Confined-Water Training (1 day): In the confined-water portion of training, you learn the skills that enable you to deal with a multitude of situations that might arise on SCUBA. You can complete these skills with us in about a half day (more if you need the extra time) once you arrive.
  3. Open Water Training (2 Days): This is where all your work pays off. You’ll head out on the dive boats accompanied by experienced, professional instructors and frequently with other certified divers to begin your adventure underwater. Over the course of two days, (4 dives) you’ll practice the skills that you learned in the confined-water training and explore the beautiful underwater world of Belize. All student dives are at Turneffe Atoll which offers beautiful, natural calm water conditions.

Required Materials for PADI / SDI Diving Certifications

All materials and certifications are included with the SDI diving course. Online materials for PADI open water certification must be purchased directly from PADI in which case a $40 discount will be applied to the cost of your course. Learn to dive today and earn your PADI / SDI certification by filling out the booking form, above.

Learning to dive and diving

We just finished our certification with BDS over the past three days. From start to finish everyone was amazing!! Ilya provided all the information we needed to get started. Great communication thru emails before we came. He was very informative and answered any questions we had promptly. He made the process of registering and checking in easy. EXCELLENT guy! Now for Jiovanni… I’m exhausted because he worked us physically and mentally too hard the past three days 😉 hahah!! He is an AMAZING instructor! He makes sure you understand and are comfortable with the skills he teaches. He is great at teaching them. He is patient and great at calming you down when your nerves get to you. He answers all your questions. Just a very awesome instructor and we felt comfortable and confident with his teaching and being underwater with him. And all the other guys were GREAT! Just an AWESOME crew of people and we had a wonderful time and an excellent experience learning to dive with them!! Jiovanni I’ll still buy you dinner and drinks even though you wouldn’t take it as my bribe that last dive 😉 hahah!! Thanks guys!! Awesome job!!

-TripAdvisor Review, June 14, 2018, C_MWeaver6583

Very professional!

My daughters completed their certifications with BDS on our recent vacation, and we all dove together several times. The crew, dive masters and instructors made sure we all had wonderful experiences while still stressing safety along with fun. I’ve dived all over the world, and found BDS to be very solid and professional — would enthusiastically recommend!

-TripAdvisor Review, June 15, 2018, Macia A