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Spanish Bay - Beautiful, Easy Drift and Wall Dives

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Duration: 6 Hours (approx.)

Experience Level: All

Perfect Diving – Almost Every Day

Spanish Bay is a 90-minute boat ride, heading south of Caye Caulker and west of Belize City. The area is so named because it was the primary channel for ships entering Belize for centuries. Unlike the northern barrier reef that often sees sea swells, Spanish Bay is protected from the main easterly ocean swell by Turneffe Atoll. So when the Northern Barrier Reef is not divable, Spanish Bay is. Spanish Bay’s manageable current offers the opportunity for delightful drift and wall dives where you will see abundant marine life, both large and small.

Terrific Diving in Diverse Environments

A day at Spanish Bay is a comfortable 7 hours. We take lunch with us as we head towards St. George’s Caye, one of the oldest colonial settlements in the area. From there, we dive Dolphin Point, Spanish Bay Wall, and Killer Ramora. These dive locations offer a tremendous diversity of coral formations, dramatic canyons, gently sloping walls and plenty of sea life.

Spanish Bay Dive Site

My favorite BDS dive site: Spanish Bay

  • Fish
  • Coral
  • Overhangs
  • Canyons
  • Reef formations
  • Unlimited U/W photo possibilities( Video & stills)

Unlike Turneffe Atoll – Spanish Bay has many overhangs, canyons, and formations along the entire wall within safe recreational diving parameters. The wall typically begins at approximately 10 – 12 meters and slopes down to approximately 25 – 28 meters ending at a sloping sandy bottom. There is a large abundance of geological features to explore and soft and hard corals and reef fish (Blenny, Spotted Drum, Goby and many more) to observe and photograph. Grouper and other large fish can be found within the overhangs. An occasional barracuda can be spotted cruising along the wall near the sandy bottom.

I have been diving Spanish Bay for 11 years and every time the excitement of finding new areas to explore and an abundance of photograph opportunities keep me coming back.

-TripAdvisor Review, November 2018, STHLMBO