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Guided Cave Dive

Explore the Sunless Sea with a Guided Cave Dive

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Duration: 6 Hours (approx.)

Experience Level: All

Start Caving Diving in Belize Underwater Caves

Explore Belize underwater caves with our guided cave dive tour. With more than 40,000 ft. of cave surveyed and mapped, Belize is proving that the new kid on the block for underwater caving has some unique caverns to explore. For divers who already completed cave diving training and received their certification, Belize Diving Services can launch you into a world of cave exploration. These are checkout dives and orientation dives only. Caye Caulker, Belize, underwater caves are delicate and difficult. After completing 1 dive in Winter Wonderland, 2 dives in Giant Cave, and satisfying our guide, you will be able to dive independently with the shop’s support.

Giant Cave — One of the World’s Largest Underwater Caves

Giant Cave is the most well-known underwater cave in Belize. With 30,000 feet of cave to explore, this gem can keep a diver busy for 2 weeks easily. Conditions vary from pea soup to gin clear. The best chance of great visibility is between February and June. Your introductory dives here will take you through the Dragon’s Jaws into the “Coliseum Loop”. Depending on conditions, the underwater cave dive guide will get you started exploring the “Northern Coliseum Loop”, “Swimming Pool Loop”, “Heinerth Loop” and more. If you have stage qualifications and or scooter qualifications, you may be able to get as far as “O’Farrell’s Labyrinth” and the depths of the “Tomb Line”.

Winter Wonderland – Epic Cave Diving

Winter Wonderland is a smaller fissure type cave that sure looks like a fault line. This underwater cave dive is accessed by boat, about 15 minutes from the shop. It can be hard to find but sometimes those are the best vis days! We call the upstream (north) section of cave the “Queen of Heart’s Line.” This is the longer, more difficult section of this Belize underwater cave that is side-mount only! Getting in and out of this cave cleanly requires a bit of skill. The downstream (south) line is called “the rabbit hole line”. Once you get through the rabbit hole, you can see an old rope left in the cave 30 years ago by early tour operators. Past the rope are some epic cave formations such as “Birthday Cake”.

Our cave diving tours are just one of many scuba diving tours offered by Belize Diving Services. Book your visit, view scuba diving cost, and learn to dive today!

Excellent Time

Another winter is completed with the best dive company in Central America … I want to thank everyone at BDS for excellent service in all the boat diving and cave diving I accomplished in the last 6 months … it’s sad when it ends but on a happy note … only 6 more months and I will be back. Until next October … take care.

TripAdvisor Review, Daryl K, April 2017