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How to Get Certified to Scuba Dive with Open Water Training

Are you wondering how to get certified to scuba dive? While many travelers dream of exploring the vast ocean below the surface, it’s important to understand that you must be certified before diving in open water. Earning Your diving certification gives you the ability to embark on a number of different scuba diving tours for various experience levels. Three of the most popular certifications include Professional Association of Dive Instructors (PADI), SCUBA Diving International (SDI) and Technical Diving International (TDI). In this article, we’ll discuss how to get certified to scuba dive at Belize Diving Services:

How to Get Certified to Scuba Dive

  1. Book your three-day certification class.
  2. Register for online learning materials.
  3. Complete the eLearning course.
  4. Participate in a confined-water class.
  5. Practice four open-water training dives.

Book your Three-Day Certification Class

The first step in obtaining your Open Water Certification is to book your training with certified instructors. At Belize Diving Services, a SDI / TDI five-star Instructor Training Center, all of our instructors are certified to teach people how to dive safely in open water. Visit our PADI / SDI Open Water Certification page to submit your booking request.

Register for Online Learning Materials

The next step in becoming certified to scuba dive is obtaining your learning materials. All of the training materials and certification costs are included in your total booking fees. You will receive a code with your booking confirmation which grants you access to the online learning materials for SDI. If you’re choosing PADI Open Water Certification materials instead, you must purchase these through the PADI website and a $40 credit will be applied the cost of your course at Belize Diving Services.

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Complete the eLearning Course

You will need to complete the eLearning Open Water Scuba Diver course prior to arriving for your first in-person training session. This course will help you become familiar with scuba diving terminology, safety tips and equipment operation. The information you learn during this online course will be put to practical use during the confined-water course.

Participate in a Confined-Water Course

When you arrive for your confined-water course, you’ll coached on how to safely use and operate the scuba diving equipment. Confined-water refers to a body of water, such a swimming pool or calm body of water, where your SDI / PADI instructor demonstrates the diving skills you’ll need to master before embarking on your first open water dive. At Belize Diving Services, our confined-water course takes up about half of the first day of your three-day training.

Practice Four Open-Water Training Dives

During the course of the following two days, you’ll head out to sea on dive boats to participate in four dives along with other beginners, certified divers, and instructors. Here you will practice the skills you learned during the confined-water course while exploring the beautiful underwater landscape surrounding Belize. Once you successfully complete the second day of your open water dives, you’ll earn your SDI or PADI Open Water Certification.

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Other Requirements for Scuba Dive Certifications

  • Completion of the PADI / SDI Open Water Certification is required before you dive on other tours.
  • Enrolling in a TDI training course requires you to have earned your Open Water Certification.
  • You should generally be in good physical health.
  • You must not have any major health issues that impede safe diving.

Discover the Caribbean’s Best Dive Tours

Now that you know how to get certified to scuba dive, it’s time to plan the ultimate diving adventure. Belize Diving Services is proud to offer the very best scuba diving in the world. From in-depth scuba diving tours such as the Great Blue Hole, Turneffe Atoll, and Caye Caulker Marine Reserve to technical courses such as Rebreather Diving and Cave Diving, you’ll find an abundance of diving in the region to keep you entertained. Are you ready to dive in? Sign up for your certification training, today!


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