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Best Time of Year to Dive in Belize: When to Visit Belize for Diving

When is the best time of year to dive in Belize? The best time to visit Belize for diving is between April and June. When you’re planning your next diving trip in Belize, you should also take into consideration weather conditions, tourist seasons, and festivals and events that could throw a wrench in your plans. The best time of the year to dive in Belize also depends on the kind of experience you’re looking to have. If you’re looking to go when the whale sharks arrive, you’ll need to get there between April and June.

If you’re just looking to hit famous dive sites like the Blue Hole and want to save some money, consider booking for flight far in advance to take advantage of current discounts to airfare travel.

Navigating Covid-19-Related Travel Restrictions

If you’ve been planning a trip to Belize, your itinerary has probably been impacted by the current Covid-19-related travel restrictions. While the situation may change your plans, it has also caused airfare for most destinations—including Belize—to decrease drastically. To play it safe, you could take advantage of cheap flights and plan your trip to Belize next summer or winter. While the world is unsure when travel bans will be lifted, many airlines including United are offering deep discounts on round-trip flights to Belize starting in November.

Best Time of Year to Dive in Belize

best time of year to dive in belize

Best Diving Conditions in Belize

The subtropical weather of Belize means that it is warm year-round, especially along the coast. This is why may divers think that anytime during the year can be considered the best time to visit Belize for diving. Generally, August to October is considered the wet season and March to December are considered optimal conditions to view marine life. In the summer, there is a brisk sea breeze to cool off the 75°F-85°F temperatures and the water temperatures are typically around 85°F. Winter temperatures fluctuate between 70°F-80°F and the water is still a comfortable 79°F.

August to October

The months from August to October are considered to be the wet season, which offers the best surface conditions making most diving sites accessible. While there is inevitably rainfall, it usually only occurs for a few hours of the day, meaning that there is still more sunshine than rain—even in the rainy season. This also means that visibility underwater may decrease to the runoff from nearby rivers.

It is also worth noting that August to October is considered the “off season” in Belize for tourism and diving. While, there might be a little rain, many divers argue that it’s one of the best times to visit Belize for diving because there are fewer crowds and better deals. In fact, travel rates start falling from around May 1st and stay relatively low until November. As you’re learning more about what the best time of the year to dive in Belize is, you should know what during the “off season” in Belize, some resorts actually close down for a couple of months. While this means you might have less options for lodging, it also means that popular diving destinations like the Blue Hole will be less crowded.

Other factors to consider is that October and November are considered the grouper mating season, when thousands of groupers descend of the cayes to mate and give birth. Also, while Belize is outside of the traditional “hurricane belt,” there is a short hurricane season in August and October.

November to July

The months from November to July are considered the drier of the two seasons, but they also bring slightly cooler temperatures on land and in the water. While most divers are still comfortable in a wet suit, surface conditions can become choppy which can limit access to certain dive sites. Generally during these months there is little to no rain and excellent visibility for diving. It is during this time period–April to June—that is considered the best time of the year to dive in Belize. Also, if you’re looking to experience the whale sharks in Placencia, you’ll want to book your trip between April and June.

Belize’s Tourist Season

Belize is a top travel destination for vacationers looking to escape the winter in North American and Europe. For this reason, November until April is generally the peak season for tourists in Belize. Due to the fact that this is also “high season” for tourists, you should expect to see crowds at popular diving destinations like the Blue Hole and pay higher prices for your diving excursions. Hotels and tourism resorts also get busiest during this time of the year, which can increase the price of accommodations and flights by 25%. While many tourists will make diving a priority during this time, it doesn’t necessarily mean there are benefits of planning your diving trip to Belize during the “off season.”

Festivals and Events

During your planning process, you should also consider how national holidays and festivals could impact your decision about the best time of the year to dive in Belize. Festivals and holidays could impact everything from your lodging to your transportation. By far, the single biggest wave of tourists in Belize is between December 15 and January 15 and during the weeks around Easter. In fact, Easter in Belize is the longest holiday on the Belize calendar.

Easter includes four consecutive public and bank holidays starting from Holy Friday through Easter Monday. During this time, visitors should expect nationwide shutdowns as Belizeans attend religious services and take family trips. Easter holiday highlights include the international Cross Country Cycle Race. Other major festivals include the famous Fiesta de Carnaval or the Belize Carnival, held the week before lent begins in February.

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Belize Diving Services is Here to Help

There are a lot of different factors to consider when trying to decide the best time to visit Belize for diving, but fortunately you can’t go too wrong. Belize has become one of the top diving destinations in the world for a reason—its spectacular. If you’re looking for more guidance on how to plan your diving vacation in Belize, contact us at Belize Diving Services! We’re happy to help schedule your diving tours and trainings in some of the most popular diving destinations in the world. Be sure to check out the best places to stay in Belize for diving.

Plan Ahead to Take Advantage of Low Cost Airfare For Your Belize Trip

While it’s uncertain when international travel will fully resume, most airlines are offering discounted flights with flexible cancellation polices. This means now is a great time to get ahead of the curve and start planning your trip to Belize. Book your diving trip today!