Exploration Diving

Exploration Diving in Belize from Belize Diving Services on Vimeo.

Breathtaking and Beautiful

At Belize Diving Services, we offer technical training plus exciting tech tour opportunities that allow you to use the skills you’ve learned in a natural environment. A sample of what we offer:

The Great Blue Hole. The Great Blue Hole is a coveted destination for divers. Belize Diving Services offers scheduled dive tours to The Great Blue Hole, featuring three dive profiles, including a new, technical profile:

  • 24 metres (79 ft.) for recreational divers or those who want a longer dive profile
  • 40 metres (130 ft.) for experienced divers (25 or more divers), the limits of recreational scuba diving
  • 48 metres (150 ft.) for tech qualified divers to the fossilized water line of The Great Blue Hole

Completing the technical dive requires divers to meet the 60-minute gate time set by the captain and also to skip the second dive of the day on Half Moon Caye. After lunch on Half Moon Caye, however, you likely will have met the two-hour minimum surface interval. So based on your training, equipment and risk threshold, you can choose to do a second dive at Long Caye Aquarium. Maximum run time for that dive is about 70 minutes. You can do it as a shallow deco dive or an easy no-stop dive. There’s plenty to see!

Belize Diving Services also offers custom dive tours for hypoxic-qualified divers who want to fully explore the bottom of The Great Blue Hole where depths average 110 metres (360 ft.). With a realistic minimum run time of two hours but more often a three- or four-hour dive, this dive can only be completed by chartering one of our 46’ Newtons. Prices for boat charter vary depending on the season, starting at $4,000.

Belize Barrier Reef. The stepped slopes of The Belize Barrier Reef offer dramatic and enjoyable wall diving. The first wall begins at 18 metres (60 ft.) and levels out at 45 metres (159 ft.). In this high-nutrient and bright section, deep air and normoxic technical divers will enjoy large sponges, brain, coral and other exotic marine life. Most divers choose to do a multilevel dive for about an hour that allows them to do most of their decompression at reef depth, leaving a final stop of about 15 minutes at 6 metres (20 ft.).

A hundred meters to the east, the true majesty of the Belize Barrier Reef is reveled to normoxic and hypoxic technical divers. From about 60 metres (197 ft.) descending to 100 metres (328 ft.), an inverted cliff face provides an opportunity to effortlessly glide alongside the wall while studying the geologic record of the tectonic forces that created the barrier reef. The cooler water here often attracts reef and hammerhead sharks.

Turneffe Atoll. Turneffe Atoll is Belize’s largest marine protected area. With calm protected waters and a 6 metres (20 ft.) top of the wall, this is the place for relaxed and long wall dives. Technical divers are able to enjoy three-hour dives at their qualified depth limit. Great for shakedowns and handshakes with new dive buddies or equipment, Turneffe Atoll rounds off the exquisite offerings for the deep wall diver that Belize Diving Services offers.