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PADI Technical Diving in Belize: Advanced Diving Courses

Dive Tours: Technical Diving

Advanced diving is an exciting adventure for those interested in sea exploration. After receiving your PADI open water certification, you may be interested in PADI technical diving tours. Since 1978, Belize Diving Services has been Belize’s leader in advanced diving. We continue to offer robust opportunities for guided technical dives, technical diver training, cave diving and underwater exploration in Belize.

PADI Technical Diving Tours

The guided PADI technical dives offered by Belize Diving Services include deep profiles across the region, including The Great Blue Hole, Belize. You can explore  the walls of the Belize Barrier Reef and go cave diving in the extraordinary caves underneath Caye Caulker and neighboring islands. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll discover with our advanced diving tours!

Deep Wall Advanced Diving

Deep wall diving, another form of advanced diving, is spectacular and plentiful in Belize. The topography of the deep walls is steep, accessible and the multilevel decompression profiles offer a pleasant, leisurely decompression while observing the bountiful marine life on the world’s second largest barrier reef. High-quality gear, extremely knowledgeable guides and decades of experience make Belize Diving Services’ PADI technical diving tours the best in the industry.

Advanced Cave Diving

Belize is also home to some extraordinary cave diving destinations. Giant Cave has been the respite for the owners of Belize Diving Services since founder Paul Heinerth first made his way into the cave in 1978. We are happy to again take qualified divers into this sunless sea and reveal the beauty concealed beneath the sea floor. Cave diving is one of the most incredible PADI technical diving tours we offer.

PADI Technical Diving Training

If you are not certified for technical or cave diving, Belize Diving Services offers training for dives up to 200 ft. using Nitrox, Air and Trimix. We also can train you to dive in the caverns and caves of Belize using a variety of equipment configurations. You’ll dive confidently knowing you’re in the company of the capable, friendly and professional team at Belize Diving Services.

Schedule Your Advanced Diving Training

All technical diving instruction must be arranged in advance so we can properly assess your skills and develop a custom technical diving package for you. For more information, contact: