The Wildlife Conservation Society’s Belize Shark Project


The Wildlife Conservation Society’s Belize Shark Project

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The Wildlife Conservation’s Belize Shark Project (BSP) promotes the management and conservation of sharks and rays in Belize through research, capacity-building, outreach, conservation and policy support. Dr. Rachel T. Graham, director of WCS’s Gulf and Caribbean sharks and rays program and a member of the IUCN Shark Specialist Group, directs BSP’s Belize-based projects, including:

  • Conservation of Sharks at Lighthouse Reef Atoll and its Marine Protected Areas
  • Raising awareness for sharks: novel outreach methods for long-term conservation of elasmobranchs
  • Research and Conservation of coastal and reef-associated sharks and rays in transboundary Northern Belize
  • The Marine Meganet. Tracking Megafauna with Remote Telemetry (whale sharks, mantas, reef-associated sharks, turtles) in the Western Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico

Belize Diving Service’s nonprofit foundation, The BDS Fund, is a project sponsor and also donates boat and staff time. Chip Petersen, research associate, tracks and tags sharks.

Dr. Graham was featured in the New York Times as “the aquatic Jane Goodall” and in the April 2013 issue of Men’s Journal, “To Catch (and Release) a Predator”.

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